Portrait of Linda Maas

Hi, I am a designer.
My goal is to combine the limitless capabilities of 3D visualization with the colorful world of branding, creating unique experiences and telling memorable stories! My skills range from Branding and UI/UX Design to all things 3D.

Some of my skills are putting my heart and soul into the task at hand, getting to know You and Your goals, coming up with brilliant ideas and creative solutions, finding efficient strategies for new challenges,

and also

C4D, Substance Painter, ZBrush, Adobe XD, Adobe Ai, Adobe PS, Adobe In, Figma, and Unity.

Lets work together!

Do you need a larger team, require additional devlopment or experts for Ai? I am part of the four-member collective Gokodali. Together we are a fusion of creative energy and diverse expertise.

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